Service Time

1. General Afternoon Assembly on Saturday's
     Time At: 12:30 PM 
No Services on Wednesday    
Please Note: AFTER 31 Mar 2016 this Ministry
will no longer physically be found at it's current location.
Are prayers are ever with you and the Gates of Hell
Shall Not Prevail against the church.


"New Jerusalem Tabernacle of Praise & Worship"

Mailing Address & Headquarters 

Church Location:

5121 Crestway Suite 510

San Antonio, Texas 78239

Welcome Saints of the Almighty God
Our website (New Jerusalem Tabernacle of Praise & Worship) has been designed to assist you in learning about us. If this is your first time visiting, we pray your experience will be blessed beyond measure. Please invite others to this site and provide comments to us at the conclusion of your visit in Jesus Name... 
Are you in need of a bible based, Christ loving church?

Souls are fed the Bread of Life, the poor in spirit are strengthen, the thirsty are filled, the broken hearted are healed and the lost are found. All to the Glory of God's Mercy and Loving Kindness, for His Grace is Sufficient

We are relocating and praying through reforming, reorganizing, restructuring, repenting, resubmitting unto God, recovering, healing, recommitting, researching our souls course, repurifing our hearts and mind, repurchasing our 1st Love who is Christ, Yeshua (Jesus). This ministry will hold its last scheduled physical assembly on the last Saturday in March 2016. We are open to the public and you are welcome in the name of Jesus to join us.
"The Sign of the Son of Man and the Power of His Kingdom is provided inthe power of the tounge, the Power of Live and Death! We will be in observance of the Passion Week and teach on the signs concerning the preperation of the Lord's Kingdom
We pray that the Anointing of God's Spirit will allow you to come and join us in worshipping the Almighty God in Spirit and in Truth.  
We Welcome You in the Name of YHWH The One & Only True GOD of ELOHIM.
The Lord Yeshu'a (Jesus) will return soon as the KING of Kings and LORD of Lords.
You don't want to be Ashamed in the Day of His Holy Appearance. Please Learn of this Ministry and Come Learn of the God of Glory in Yeshu'a (Jesus) name...
The Bible speaks of Global; Economy Decline, Depopulation through; war, desease, starvation (famine) but are you able to handle the Truth of whats Coming to change the Lives of Every Global Citizen on Planet Earth? If You're Not Ready, Get Ready Because it's About to Knock on Your Doors / "Global Shifting" If Your Mind is Not in the Hands of Yeshu'a, Prepare For the Unthinkable and Pray For His Salvation, Provision & Protection!"  
Full Gospel 
Independent Baptist
 New Church
Open to the General Public
A Great Place To Fellowship and grow together  in a young ministry.
 5121 Crestway
Suite 510 
San Antonio, TX. 78239 (

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Worship Assembly
Starts Every Saturday
at 12:30 P.M. (Just After Noon).


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