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Please Note: AFTER 31 Mar 2016 this Ministry
will no longer physically be found at it's current location.
Our prayers are ever with you
and the Gates of Hell Shall Not Prevail against the church.


"New Jerusalem Tabernacle of Praise & Worship"

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5121 Crestway Suite 510

San Antonio, Texas 78239

Welcome Saints


The Almighty God


"I Am That I Am"

Our website (New Jerusalem Tabernacle of Praise & Worship) has been designed to assist you in learning about us. If this is your first time visiting, we pray your experience will be blessed beyond measure. Please invite others to this site and provide comments to us at the conclusion of your visit in Yehus'a (Jesus) Name... 
Are you in need of a bible based, Christ loving church?

Souls are fed, the Bread of Life is shared, the poor in spirit are strengthened and encouraged. The thirsty are filled, the broken hearted are healed and the seekers are found. All to the Glory of God's Mercy and Loving Kindness, for Yeshua's Grace is Sufficient.

We Need Your Help, ASAP!

Will You Pray & Committ to Supporting this Global Media Ministry? 

We are Asking for Your Financial Assistance Today.

A One Time Monetary Gift of Just $10 - $20 or Any Amount,

And or as Often as you would like to give to support this Ministry.

 This is an International, Inter-denominational, Christian Based,

Social Media Ministry, and Church Website.

Your Gift will make A Difference by helping us to engage all nations,

teaching them to observe all things, which Jesus (Yeshu'a) has Commanded Us. 

Bless You in Advance...

True Story: Please take a few minutes to review an Anoited Message of a Life Time, by Ckicking the Youtube Button below choosing: play all, then choose the sermon topic:

"The Day the Sun (Son) Stood Still".

At the birth of this church on "New Year's Eve" (December 31, 2009). At 7:00 P.M. My Wife fell into a coma for seven (7) days but the Glory of God's Grace and Mercy Surrounded her with protection from death!

Watch the Youtube video: "The Day the Sun (Son) Stood Still".

Full Gospel 
Independent Baptist
 Global Social Media Church
Open to the International Public
A Great Place To Begin Your Journey with God.
 San Antonio, TX. 78239 (
We are reorganizing and relocating between
2016 - 2017


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