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Please Note: AFTER 31 Mar 2016 this Ministry
will no longer physically be found at it's current location.
Our prayers are ever with you
and the Gates of Hell Shall Not Prevail against the church.


"New Jerusalem Tabernacle of Praise & Worship"

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5121 Crestway Suite 510

San Antonio, Texas 78239

Pastor's Bio

Pastor's Bio
Rev. T. D. Taylor Sr. BA. AA.
Completed a Bachelors in Christian Ministry, 2016. 
Completed an Associates in Applied Science, in Religion 2016.
Beginning to pursue a Master's of Divinity.  
I was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas. Called by the Spirit of the Lord to preach the Gospel at the age of 9. Confessed to the calling of Christ at the age of 17 in the beginning of my junior year  of playing 5-A Football at  Highlands high school in San Antonio, TX. 
After my trial sermon I was licensed to preach on November 21, 1982 at the Spring Hill Baptist Church (A.K.A Williams Chapel, Baptist Church) and attendented Hallsville high school in Hallsville, TX. 
After serving in the ministry under Rev. Deckard as a youth minister, I returned to San Antonio, Texas under the Pastorial care and direction of Dr. Rev. R. A. Callies of 1st Gethesemane Baptist Church. 
Rev. Callies built a very rich legacy by completing all of the leg work through educating and putting the community youth to work. God used him to put together the worlds largest M.L.K. Jr. march which he started around 1968, and has benchmark the largest in the world!
Learning the construction skills of my spiritual father in the ministry (Rev. Callies). I continued in the ministry but joined the U.S. Naval Combat Civil Engineers (Seabees) as a Constructionman / Builder. 
The Lord allowed me to serve in the enlisted ranks of the US Navy from ages 18 to 38, 
and after concluding 20 years of faithful and honorable service to God, Family and Country.
My family and I retired from the Seabees in Gulfport, Mississippi. We endured the destruction of Hurricane Katrina the first year of retirement and relocated to our home town of San Antonio, Texas in an attempt to stabilize the family and rebuild our lives.   
I concluded my military service, while in Iraq, and by witnessing a vision Jesus gave me when I was only 14 years old. I was provided the God given opportunity and responsend to co-manage and supervise the three week construction of the World's Largest Pontoon (floating) Bridge in world history! While serving in Iraqi during "Operation Enduring Freedom") God allowed me the ability to minister to US Naval troops during the II Gulf War.
My family, and I was given God's grace of overcoming great demonic opposition which attacked us from what seemed to be all sides. Hurricane Katrina was about the fourth storm we had to endure causing us to up root and relocate from Biloxi, Mississippi.  
By the Grace of God and God's Glory, we over came all demonically planned adveresity in Yeshua's (Jesus) name, and through the Power of the Holy Ghost and years of known prophecy although we didn't really understand what God was doing until He had completed His work to His own Glory.
Now through Christ, Yehua's (Jesus) our future is eternally Brighter... Jesus who is Jehovah in the flesh, fought all of our battles. His grace was sufficiant to provide us with all new jobs, new schools and multiple powerful educational systems in the San Antonio area. A new home, transportation and most of all, a new start and meaning to life.
I became a new family man, husband, father to my children and friend to my federal co-workers. 
All to the Glory of the Almighty who's name is Yeshua (Jesus)!
The Lord allowed me the opportunity to enroll at Wayland Baptist University.
What a Almighty God we serve! Nothing is impossible with God but all things become possible! 
 December 31, 2009 during our New Year's Eve Worship Service, my wife Roslyn
(1st Lady of New Jerusalemwas hospitalized for ten days. The first seven days she spent in an coma. Six months prior to that she was delivered from terminal cancer. She was diagnosed by the North East Baptist Hospital and in the next three days Brooks Army Medical Center located at Fort Sam Houston / San Antonio, Tx provided the same diagnoses. I am reminded that after tasting the abundant life that Jesus provides for us as Jehovah Jireh I can only proclaim that He is Good!
I proclaim that the Lord (Jesus) is the best thing that has ever happen to us the Taylor Family! "I just want to say "Thank you Father God (Elohim) for saving us and giving us the opportunity of a Lifetime... to witness to others of your saving Grace and Mercy. 
Be faithful to the LORD, His people, your family (your spouse & children). Honor the Lord by learning how to honor the men & women of GOD without worshipping them! If you visit with us know that you are spiritually obligated to your own branch of God's Kingdom in the earth realm and learn to be blessed by blessing your branch with faithful service and prayer for your appointed Leaders in the Body of Christ's Church.
Do Not follow every spirit but test it by the Spirit of GOD (The WORD of GOD) to see if it is of GOD. Finally show love towards your enemies with mercy & kindness (do not cast your pearls before the swine). Seek to do GOD'S Will in your life by picking up your Cross daily and following Jesus. Love the LORD with all your mind, heart, & soul ... War in the spirit and not in the flesh For: "The Lord Jesus shall Fight our battles!"
Be Eternally Blessed...
If you have never visited with us before, make this website a favorite. Visit the youtube messages and come visit with us once we relocate and start our assembly conventions.

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