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Please Note: AFTER 31 Mar 2016 this Ministry
will no longer physically be found at it's current location.
Our prayers are ever with you
and the Gates of Hell Shall Not Prevail against the church.


"New Jerusalem Tabernacle of Praise & Worship"

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Church Location:

5121 Crestway Suite 510

San Antonio, Texas 78239

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Please keep us in your prayers to the Father in Jesus name, and post your comments here, if this minisry has been a blessing to you.
Please indicate how you came to know us, online or by visting in person? 
new n. Post
March 28, 2018
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JAH H. Post
May 1, 2015
The truth is destructive and hostile to the world, this world's truth is illusion. Tyron brought me out of that illusion, his sermons are always full of truth, innovative, contemporary, and relevant. I've attended many a church, and you hear the same sermon, the same words, the same rhythm. Tyron and Roz are a breath of fresh air. Their light pierces through the fog of falsehood, helping to free those that believe.
Jennifer G. Post
April 25, 2015
I've never read Pastors Bio until now. And I MUST say......WOW!!

Tyron T. Post
April 24, 2015
This Year (2015) has already become the most challenging year of our church life since it's birth in 2010. I'm praying for me to stand up for God and this church unit (every; minister, deacon, deaconess, praise minister and musician, member and want to be members to rise up and become true strong leaders for God at home and in the this body of the church!) Later for excuses; doubt, fear, lack of time, over filled plates of social activities, laziness or what have you!

We don't have to change our activities as much as we need to restructure the timing of our activities. We must give God his time by coming together as a church family at the appointed times worship and Assembling!

It's so important if we desire to Survive Our Call from darkness into His Marvelous Light as a specifically designated unit of the church (NJTPW).

As Bishop and Pastor of this church, I desire an Annual Spring or Summer Assembly where all the past members can return enjoy sharing their ministry experiences since they have moved on further into the deep.

We are still and Always Family and for Many "New Jerusalem will Always be Home! So Don't be a Stranger, Come Home and Give Your Praise Report or Minister to the Souls who's foot Steps will one Day Follow Yours... .

As Disciples we must Submit to God, by following Godly leaders, by listening and relearning behavior and Christian Responsibility; by the properly restructuring our home life, our use of the week and each day, our sacrificial (method) style of giving tithes and offerings, our fellowshipping must be scheduled (intentional and full of quality time), we must Submit ourselves to the mission and Godly purpose of each others lives as part of why God has called us together and is calling more to unite with us as a Young and Growing Body, Fully Fit and Up to the Challenge of Warring through the Issues of Life as a Godly Combatant against sin and evil.

Through Yeshu'a (Jesus) We Have the Victor's Crown of Life in All Things we Glorify Him as the Eternal King of Glory!!!

"Let Us Submit to the Almighty or be Forced to Bow in His Glorious Presents!"
Anonymous Anonymous Post
April 20, 2015
The bible studies have been really enteresting. I've gotten a lot ot of them.
Anonymous Anonymous Post
April 20, 2015
There are really good people here, that are willing to help others through love.
Anonymous Anonymous Post
April 15, 2015
God is so good!!!!! I am really looking forward to attending this Saturday!
Roslyn T. Post
April 10, 2015
I am thankful and grateful today for all that GOD is doing in our lives. He is so good to us. He is GOOD!
Jennifer G. Post
March 17, 2015
This is a VERY powerful church. It sinks down in my soul the things I learn.
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