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Our prayers are ever with you
and the Gates of Hell Shall Not Prevail against the church.


"New Jerusalem Tabernacle of Praise & Worship"

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Prayer Requests

We desire to hear your prayer request so that we can touch and agree with you for the promises of God on your  behalf, in Jesus name.
Anonymous Anonymous Post
April 17, 2015
Please keep the body of Christ lifted up.
Jennifer G. Post
March 17, 2015
Family prayer for my seven children and 2 grandboys and my marriage please.
Jerome P. Post
February 24, 2015
TO Brothers & Sisters in Christ

Prayer of Agreement that GOD will give favor to my Wife Linda the Supervisor position at her JOB vacancy now. She put in for this position she been at that job area of as real estate annex for 15 years now. IF Lord Jesus Christ bless her to be Supervisor it will help us out a lot. Thanks for praying for prayer requests Bro .Jerome Pierce
jerome b. Post
January 19, 2015
Please pray that my SSA.appeals case be approved this week in Jesus name amen. And my wife Tanya.her health and job in Jesus name amen
sujesh s. Post
December 2, 2014
I am from kerala, India. My wife sumi is seven months pregnant. Now hospitalised. Diagnosed with low fluid. Please pray for her health. Also pray for the fluid to increase and to have a healthy smart child without any problem for mother and child.
tabatha r. Post
August 14, 2014
Please pray for Dale Hagerty. He was diagnosed with stomach cancer today, and he is having stomach surgery to remove ĺ of this stomach next week. He will start chemo therapy as well. He is 65 years old. My Grandmother is almost 70. They need Godís strength and healing. Please pray the Godís will be done, but that God consider giving my grandfather more time here on earth healthy. If God chooses to take my grandfather home to heaven, God will need to help my grandmother endure it. My grandmother just lost her youngest daughter June 2013 in a motorcycle crash. Having her husband die of cancer as well would be very, very hard on her.
Anonymous Anonymous Post
July 2, 2014
i am from a country called Uganda.i am a born again Christian.
pastor i ask you to intercede for me to God inorder to take possession of the promises that are provided to me by His grace through faith in Jesus Christ.
i humbly ask for prayers of academic excellence in my studies as am going in for my final year in education,a pray for fees for the university,a job and a successful future in Christ Jesus.
i also ask to intercede in for me to God for my brothers and sisters life,academis,and successful life in Christ Jesus.
i humbly ask you to intercede in for me for God to talk to me and tell me what He wants me to do.
i strongly yearn to spread the gospel of Christ Jesus in my country.please pray for me
Anonymous Anonymous Post
March 5, 2014
Bishop: T. D. Taylor's prayers for you and this church: I'm praying that every believer is awakened by the Spirit of God and led by Him, to become more maturing as holy stewards of our love and actions toward Him (God) and this church. Teach us Lord God to be helpful givers in support of this ministry which You will grow through the daily giving of ourselves to You and each other. Show us how our time, work, faith, prayer, participation, giving (money) and charity works together to Rebuild the Walls of a once destroyed place (Jerusalem the city of Faith). Now the Walls of New Jerusalem are being built up in us Oh Lord God. Please give us unity, and commitment to You (God) and each other, out of a pure heart and a craving to love each member joined here in New Jerusalem through our giving of our tithes and offerings, to support the monthly Property Lease, Electrical Power, Water, Insurance, Equipment, Renovations, additional ministry support to this church, to include the pastor and staff. We are Your children Lord, and we come from All colors, a blend of ethnic groups, forming a united brother and sisterhood. We unite in diversity of languages, backgrounds, culture and ages. We pray against jealousy, envy, self will, false teachings of the religious past. We gather In prayer for our youth, in sincere worship, the holy growth of our minds, our spirit and the whole soul of every believer here in New Jerusalem. Lord cover our youngest to the eldest with your forgiveness, mercy, grace, love and truth. Give us the total worship experience that builds families (fathers, mothers, husbands, wives, children, grand parents, grand children, friends, brothers and sisters) for Your Glory Alone in Yeshu'a (Jesus) name, Amen! Amen!! Amen!!! ... Let the fun and holy Journey with God Begin... .
Anonymous Anonymous Post
February 25, 2014
I am praying that this church grow strong together in the Lord Yeshu'a (Jesus) and that He daily adds to this church the workers, leaders and members as needed.
Anonymous Anonymous Post
July 6, 2013
Please pray for my husband, Robert

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